Brick Breaker Ultra

Cover Square

Brings you the timeless fun of old school arcade games like Breakout and Arkanoid but with a unique twist: you can slow down time and fire the ball in a new direction!


Gone are the days of twiddling your thumbs whilst you wait for the ball to randomly bounce into the path of that last fiendish brick! The slingshot ability adds a new layer of skill and strategy to the game but take care, there are limits to this ability. Skillful players will get the most out of using the slingshot mechanic strategically.

Brick Breaker Ultra also features devilish level design with features such as directional boost pads, item blocks with many power-ups (and some power downs), multi-paddle levels,‘ultra blocks’ that can only be destroyed when smashed with the slingshot ability and more.


  • Sling shot ability, added strategy to classic gameplay
  • 27 action packed levels
  • 9 different power-ups and power-downs
  • Beautiful minimalistic pixel aesthetic
  • Tense Boss fights
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